Chicken curry cut & Breast Boneless



(1 KG)

Chicken Curry Cut pieces are just perfect for making flavourful home-style chicken curry. Click to order farm-fresh, hormone-free, scientifically processed Chicken Curry Cut pieces from Meamo and start planning a delicious meal. Boneless Chicken Breasts are the best when it comes to baking, grilling or frying. Order chemical-free, thoroughly cleaned. Buy online from Meamo and get them delivered at your doorstep.
What's in your Box
500gms of Chicken Curry Cut Skinless & 500gms of Chicken Breast Boneless
No. of Pieces: 22-25 (Curry Cut)
No. of Pieces: 3-4 (Breast Boneless)
Premium Breed Chicken
Jhatka Certified
No Antibiotic Residue
Growth Hormone free
Vacuum Packed
Temperature Controlled Delivery