Chicken Whole Leg & Breast Boneless



(1 KG)

This portion of chicken is skinless and bone-in. It includes the thigh as well as drumstick portion of the chicken. Rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Boneless Chicken Breasts are the best when it comes to baking, grilling or frying. Order chemical-free, thoroughly cleaned. Buy online from Meamo and get them delivered at your doorstep.
What's in your Box
500gms of Chicken Whole Leg & 500gms of Chicken Breast Boneless
No. of Pieces: 2-3 (Whole Leg)
No. of Pieces: 3-4 (Breast Boneless)
Premium Breed Chicken
Jhatka Certified
No Antibiotic Residue
Growth Hormone free
Vacuum Packed
Temperature Controlled Delivery.