About Us

About Meamo

Welcome to a world of tasteful, healthy, authentic Indian meat eating. Meamo is the country’s first meat processing company bringing back the traditional way of savouring meat and a pioneer of the Jhatka method. An initiative of the Dharmic Vibes Group, Meamo is currently serving in all areas of Bangalore and working on expanding to many more cities.

Nurturing a community of conscious meat lovers

Meamo seeks to cater and nurture a community of discerning of meat lovers who are looking to embrace traditional cruelty free meat processing techniques along with great taste and freshness. With our focus on 100% Jhatka method of processing meat, we hope to encourage and cultivate a community that enjoys meat while ensuring that animals are spared of any unnecessary pain.

Traditional secrets meet scientific methods

We are all about reviving traditional practices of preparing Indian meat. For instance, much like in earlier practices, all meat at Meamo undergoes a unique Turmeric Clean-Up, a process in which the meat is coated in turmeric and thoroughly cleansed. As we know, turmeric has proven Ayurvedic benefits and helps kill any bacteria that might be present in the meat and readies the meat perfectly for cooking. All of this is done in a strictly scientific environment, under teams who monitor everything, every step of the way.

Clean, lean and absolutely fine

Unlike other meat processing brands, we don’t source meat from third parties but process it in a completely controlled state-of-the-art facility owned by Meamo, following all authentic and scientific guidelines. Another secret behind our juicy and fresh meat is our strict 100% antibiotics, hormones and chemicals free policy. We also ensure that our poultry feed only on organic matter. What’s more, right from the time the meat is processed till it reaches your door, it is handled only by the Meamo team and no one else. Which means, when you order from Meamo, you know exactly what you are getting.

Meat, memories and more

Our goal is a simple one – to bring back the joy of traditional cooking and savouring the freshest and juiciest of meats. Much like the way it was done with a lot of love in our mother’s and grandmother’s kitchens. Our range of choicest meats help you relish and recreate the nostalgia of slow cooked and great tasting meat dishes.

It’s why we say, Meamo is all about great meat, memories and more. Happy making memories!